BAME NI Mission is to Promote Culture Awareness, Equality and diversity for BAME children and young people in Northern Ireland. Through Educative Workshops. Cultural awareness is recognising and understanding different values that shape our cultural background. 

  1. Improve support for the BAME community
  2. Meeting the ethical and cultural needs.
  3. Respecting the rights and equality of BAME children in care.
  4. Support For organisations
  5. Promote the welfare of the BAME community
  6. Support BAME children in care in the community.
  7. BAME children’s voices heard and are actors of their own lives in care via advocacy.
  8. Promote ethical and cultural awareness.

Comic Relief

BAMECCNI Has been Funded By Comic Relief

Culture awareness training is a free workshop. It has been designed to help foster carers and those involved with look after children from an ethnic background.

The training is to help those to understand a different culture, similarities in culture, promote identity and diversity and prevent racism and segregation among our community.