Due to lack of medical supplies over 3000 children die at birth in Africa yearly.


AKMC African
is an outreach alms of Ark Kingdom Ministries to the nations of  Africa.

Our Motto: Recovery for All Luke 4:18


  • To bridge the gap of health inequalities in Africa.
  • Provide medical supplies to primary health care centres
  • Provision for maternity & nursing mothers with child

AKM Africa aims to promote health by providing basic medical facilities to primary health care centres.  One of the most vulnerable groups often lost within the primary health systems are young mothers (or mothers) and their babies. AKM aims to aid and educate mums or parents on best health practice. This will thereby promote welfare, safety at the grassroots level,  community and the nation at large.

Dr Precious and the Medical Team receiving medical Supplies

September 2021


AKM Africa first started its outreach of humanitarian aids to African in 2007.  AKMC  shipped medical supplies to Uganda, which helped many indigenous people. Many, through the aid, achieved personal goals that were formally Impossible.